2 pcs 7.5' Heavy Duty ATV UTV Ramps

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Measurement: 46.65" x 12.60" x 12.60"

This is our brand new ramp. With a great total loading capacity this ramp can load just about anything and it still folds up for easy storage.


This ramp can be used to load the heaviest of ATVs as well as riding lawnmowers golf carts etc. The arched design makes for easy loading and convenience while the added capacity gives you the ability to load a wide array of vehicles with the same ramps.


Ramps fold in half for easy storage. Each set has 4 rubber fingers per piece to easily grip your tailgate without damaging it.

  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Rubber fingers grip your tailgate for secure loading/unloading
  • Arched design for maximum clearance and to help guard against high-centering
  • Perfect for all ATVs
  • Features 7.5' Heavy Duty Aluminum Arched ATV UTV Ramps Pair