Wall-mount Professional Passive Bookshelf Speakers w/ 4" Woofer


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Measurement: 14.57" x 12.20" x 12.20"

This pair of passive bookshelf speakers are highly efficient so they can be driven easily by even the most modestly powered home system.


High efficiency design creates full spacious clear sound with as little as 20 watts. Speakers have 4" woofer and 1" tweeter titanium coated and other components. It can easily install your standard raw speaker wire with the spring loaded terminals. These speakers have a modern design with the non-resonant MDF enclosures with PVC. These speakers are perfect for home theater surround sound systems general music or any application in between. It is priced and sold as a pair.


If you are looking for a modern speaker don't hesitate to buy this one!


  • Scientific and efficient design: Sonically matched speakers are designed to work with each other in a synergistic manner each performing a specific function in an integrated speaker system with balanced response across all speakers
  • Professional and high quality: This speakers set's signal to noise ratio is 80dB(A) frequence response is 75 Hz-18KHz and it's equipped with the 4 inches woofer and 1 inch tweeter so that it can deliver a lush and balanced soundscape it can provides the superior home theater and music performance
  • Need amplifier: The primary function of this is to provide sound quality without damage but it doesn't have the power amplifier so can't be used directly when it connects with the sound' s analog signals. These speakers require a home audio receiver or amplifier to power them
  • Equipped with the hooks: There are the hooks on speakers' backside it provides the great convenience for hanging on the wall or bracket if you want
  • Sturdy and elegant MDF enclosure: The bookshelf speakers set adopts the high quality MDF which PVC is pasted to the outside it's extremely sturdy and beautiful and this MDF enclosure minimizes acoustic resonance

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